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Birthdate:Jul 31
Name: Steph
Contact: UndrwO on AIM, but lj personal messenger is probably more reliable.
Mun's How's My Driving?
Character's How's My Driving?

Your majesty I have a confession my secret I must now betray
I was not a born fool it took work to get this way.
When I was a lad I was gloomy and sad
And I was from the day I was born,
When other lads giggled and gurgled and wiggled
I proudly was loudly forlorn.
My friends and my family looked at me clammily,
Thought there was something amiss.
When others found various antics hilarious
All I could manage was this
hoo hoo
Or this
Boo hoo
Or this
My father he shouted 'He needs to be clouted
His teeth on a wreath I'll hand him!'
My mother she cried as she rushed to my side
'You're a brute and you don't understand him!'
So they send for a witch with a terrible twitch,
To ask how my future impressed her
She took one look at me and cried 'Hehehehehe, he?
What else could he be but a jester?'
A jester, a jester? A funny idea a jester.
No butcher no baker no candlestick maker
And me with the look of a fine undertaker
Impressed her as a jester?
Now where could I learn any comical turn
That was not in a book on the shelf?
No teacher to take me and mold me and make me
A merryman fool or an elf.
But I'm proud to recall that in no time at all
With no other recourses but my own resources
With firm application and determination
I made a fool of myself!

(For a jester's chief employment
Is to kill himself for your enjoyment
And a jester unemployed-
is nobody's fool!)

-Danny Kaye
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